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Summer treats | Valley Life

The great taste of summer is delicious. And I’m not talking about ice cream and sundaes.

Those too, but, I’m talking more about the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that can excite your palate. Best time to practice sustainable eating.

Conscious market shopping is a great way to celebrate it the whole summer. Local grocery stores, The Boulevard’s Farmers Market on Thursdays, is bursting with colorful array of delicious fruits and vegetables.

The My Plate symbol helps us to adopt healthy eating habits consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for America. The guidelines focus on balancing food intake with physical

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Spokane Valley coffee shop fined $126,000 for COVID-19 violations in first three months of 2021; Sacred Heart among businesses cited

OLYMPIA – Coffee shops, construction companies, bars, casinos, long-term care facilities, a hospital.

Throughout the COVID-19 state of emergency, some businesses across Spokane struggled to follow guidelines.

Some chose to stay open despite regulations because they feared losing business. Others failed to offer proper social distancing for employees or signs to customers about wearing masks.

As of the first week of May, the Washington state Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) had issued $7.3 million worth of fines to businesses failing to follow COVID-19 guidelines or mask mandates. The state Liquor and Cannabis Board received 11,836 complaints about bars refusing

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