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Vegetarian & vegan restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach counties

You can find vegetarian options at almost any restaurant now. But how many South Florida restaurants are exclusively vegetarian or vegan?

More than I thought. Restaurants that serve no animal products or use them sparingly are spread throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties now, showing widespread support for evolving eating habits.

Some serve only dishes with raw fruits and vegetables; others offer thickly stacked Impossible or Beyond Burgers designed to resemble Big Macs, with lots of fixings. Several emphasize baked goods, while others are sit-down, gourmet dining rooms showing that healthful food does not mean pick-up-at-the-counter only.

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Vegan, vegetarian rolls taking over restaurant menus

At Kiku Sushi & Vegetarian, a hidden gem in Lafayette where the restaurant’s whiteboard showcases fresh, seasonal fish flown in directly from Japan, there is a growing list of plant-based sushi rolls impressing pescatarians, vegans and vegetarians alike.

Chef-owner Sophia Batsaikhan’s tasty creations — a dragon roll made with sweet potato tempura, avocado and eggplant instead of eel; spicy tuna reinterpreted as marinated tomato and seven-spice powder — are part of a growing movement among Bay Area sushi chefs to address seafood sustainability and make plant-based eaters feel welcome.

LAFAYETTE, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 6: Lightning Rolls are served at Kiku Sushi & Vegetarian in Lafayette, Calif., Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)
Lightning Rolls filled with enoki mushroom, pumpkin tempura, asparagus and avocado
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The best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the Triangle, NC

Exterior of Fiction Kitchen restaurant
Fiction Kitchen in Raleigh. Photo: Zachery Eanes/Axios

We’ve been on the hunt for the Triangle’s best vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants. Below are several recommendations, courtesy of our readers.

  • Worth noting: Zach and Lucille haven’t been to all of these spots, but we can’t wait to try them.

Fiction Kitchen, Raleigh: A frequently mentioned favorite among vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Sage, Chapel Hill: Complete with Caribbean and Persian dishes, plus good ole comfort food.

Nandini, Cary: South Indian food using traditional spices and old-school cooking.

Udupi Cafe, Cary: “Authentic South Indian flavors right from God’s own

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38 Vegan Thanksgiving Side Dishes for a Plant-Based Feast

Thanksgiving is traditionally all about turkey, but choosing to serve vegan side dishes at your feast makes it easier on guests who have certain dietary restrictions—and these recipes can be just as delicious as the ones you’d typically make.

A true vegan dish includes no animal-derived products including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, and sometimes honey, depending on the person’s preference. To successfully incorporate vegan recipes into what’s usually a meat-heavy meal, try to plan a menu that still feels classic by pumping up the flavor, says Catherine Perez, M.S., R.D., the vegan dietitian behind the blog Plant Based

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The 12 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Eateries in Pittsburgh

Lpetrilla Onionmaiden 0149 2

Whether you’re committed to an animal-free diet or eat omnivorously, chances are you’ve taken notice that vegetable-forward menus are becoming more mainstream. Even though a 2018 Gallup poll indicated that all-in-all American dietary preferences remain steady, with approximately 5 percent reporting they are vegetarian and 3 percent as vegan — similar numbers to a 1999 report — consumer tastes are changing.

A hunk of meat at the center of the plate doesn’t signify “this is the main course” in the way it used to in American restaurants. Vegetable-forward and 100 percent vegan restaurants are on the rise throughout the

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