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Weight Watch: How to get rid of post-wedding weight | Health

You followed a strict diet for a year before your wedding and you achieved your dream body weight. You were fitting well in all your outfits and the pictures came out just perfect. But now that you’re married, you are organising and going on lunches and dinners. And all your diets have gone in vain and you have started gaining that unwanted weight. You did not exactly plan for post-wedding. Now that you are stuck in lockdown, you have dodged the honeymoon cheat meals. Well, if you are experiencing this unwanted post-wedding weight gain, you are not alone, we have

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US cop delivers food after arresting delivery driver during traffic stop. Watch | Trending

Jonesboro Police Department took to Facebook to share the video of the cop delivering food.

By Trisha Sengupta

PUBLISHED ON JUL 10, 2021 03:30 PM IST

A bodycam footage of an officer of Jonesboro Police Department, shared on Facebook, has now created a chatter online and left many chuckling. The video shows the policeman delivering food to a house. He did so after arresting the delivery driver during a traffic stop.

The police department shared the video. “Y’all, I can’t make this up…” they wrote along with the hashtag #ProtectandServe.

The video, which captures the scene from the cop’s point

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