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Global Hot List 2022: What’s Trending?

Reinventing the norm while staying creative and flexible are central themes of 2022. We’re tracking trending concepts to help you push the boundaries of menu innovation, so you can change up proteins and flavors, utilize what’s available, and discover new, delicious ways to engage your customers.

Comfort Food vs. Newest Trend

In 2022, we will see conflicting trends driving menu ideation. Consumers will be searching for comfort foods that remind them of days gone by, especially in the dessert category. They’ll also be looking for the newest food trends as seen on TikTok and similar platforms. Social media will also

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Taliban take control of Afghanistan, coronavirus updates & more: What’s trending today

A look at some of the top stories trending online today around the world including the latest news from Afghanistan, coronavirus updates and much more.

Top stories

After two decades and billions spent, Afghan government collapses as Taliban takes Kabul (USA Today)

Taliban sweep into Afghan capital after government collapses (AP)

Chaotic scenes at Kabul airport as Afghans and foreign nationals flee Taliban (CNBC)

U.S. military takes control of Kabul airport, aims to evacuate 5,000 civilians a day (The Week)

Tropical Storm Fred gets stronger on path for Gulf Coast; new tropical

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High tea vs afternoon tea: What’s the difference?

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Aug 4, 2021

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Tea is a popular beverage in the world and with it have come many meal traditions.

High tea and afternoon tea are two such practices that revolve around tea, and it is common for individuals to get somewhat confused between the two.

While most characteristics with regards to the two are somewhat similar, there are certain factors that make them unique in their own right.

What is afternoon tea?

Traditionally, afternoon tea was a privilege enjoyed by the higher classes.

Many years ago, when

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Hurricane Elsa, coronavirus & more: What’s trending today

A look at some of the top stories trending online today around the world including the latest on Hurricane Elsa, coronavirus updates and much more.

Top stories

Elsa Strengthens Into Hurricane as It Nears Windward Islands (Weather Channel)

Donald Trump avoids charges, but his company faces real peril (AP)

‘There’s just no legal defense’: Trump Organization in jeopardy, experts say (NBC)

Garland suspends federal executions and orders review of Trump-era rules (CNN)

Search resumes after 15-hour halt at Surfside, site of condo collapse; Biden visits (Washington Post)

Surfside building collapse latest: As

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