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Peanut butter pasta could be this year’s ‘Nigella effect’ dish | Nigella Lawson

Fifteen years since she doubled sales of goose fat after endorsing it in a roast potato recipe on TV – and two since she meecro-wah-vay-gate– Nigella Lawson has revealed her bid for this year’s Nigella effect. And, promisingly, it’s cost-of-living friendly.

The anointed product this time round is peanut butter, the key ingredient in her “dreamy creamy” peanut butter pasta, and part of a new series of budget-friendly recipes created by the queen of “food kitsch” with the delivery company Ocado.

‘You then mix the peanut butter and water into a paste. It takes time but eventually morphs into a
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One in three using Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Monday turn vegetarian after five years

One in three meat-eaters who follow Meat Free Monday (MFM) for five years and beyond turn vegetarian, a new study claims.

Research by the Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) and MFM has found that more than 30 per cent of those who engaged with the programme for five years or more stopped eating meat, with 20 per cent of those who engaged for three to five-years.

The MFM campaign, which was founded by Paul McCartney and his daughters Mary and Stella in 2009, encourages people to eat a plant-based diet once a week. The idea is to help reduce

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Innkeeper’s owners sell coffee shop after 23 years

GALESBURG — After 23 years of growing at the hands of Mike Bond and Johan Ewalt, Innkeeper’s Fresh Roasted Coffee will change hands at the end of this month. 

New owners Ben and Jessica Ketchum are Monmouth College graduates who worked in finance and healthcare before seizing the opportunity to own and operate Innkeeper’s

“All in all, Innkeeper’s is an incredible place just as it is,” Jessica said. “We don’t want to come in and change much.”

Jessica grew up in Abingdon and worked at Innkeeper’s in high school and college.

“That kind of started my love for the

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Higher Grounds Specialty Coffee in Freeport closes after 17 years

FREEPORT — Cynthia Faulkner toiled for more than two decades in the financial services industry when heroffice in Freeportsuddenly shut down in 2004.

So, after some brainstorming, she decided to open Higher Grounds Specialty Coffee & Tea, 1709 S. West Ave.

“I was kind of looking for a second act and the idea came to me that Freeport could really use a nice coffee shop on the south end of town,” Faulkner said. “So, I started doing some research and found this great location, which I knew was perfect, and I just kind of rolled with it.”

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Vegetarian of 45 Years Vomits After McDonald’s ‘Veggie Burger’ Contains Chicken

A lifelong vegetarian received an unwelcome surprise when she ordered a meat-free McDonald’s sandwich last week but was mistakenly given chicken instead.

According to Gloucestershire Live, 50-year-old Louise Davies took her 11-year-old daughter to the Hardwicke, Gloucester, location’s drive-thru on Friday and ordered a “vegetarian burger”—an option offered at the chain’s UK locations. However, she was horrified when she bit down and immediately tasted chicken.

The McDonald’s website notes that the Vegetable Deluxe Sandwich is supposed to contain “red pepper & pesto goujons” in addition to lettuce and sauce on a sesame bun. Finding that the goujons, a type

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