The Perfect Caper is a new cookbook from chef Jeanie Roland

The Perfect Caper is a new cookbook from chef Jeanie Roland

With restaurants in Florida and Rhode Island, chef Jeanie Roland knows what people want to eat. 

The Perfect Caper in Punta Gorda celebrated its 20th anniversary in Florida this year while Ella’s Fine Food & Drink in Westerly celebrated a decade in Rhode Island. 

Her newest project is a cookbook that doesn’t just rely on her expertise, but also on her  family and friends. She is generous in her sharing of recipes for food that she has enjoyed.

“The Perfect Caper Home Cookbook” is a self-published book that Roland worked on during the pandemic shutdown. It’s a homespun read with lots of talk about family and friends and the sharing of food and special times. But its practical also with lists and basic pantry recipes.

Chef Jeanie Roland owns restaurants in Florida and Rhode Island and wrote "The Perfect Caper Home Cooking," a new self-published cookbook.

Though the pandemic left her restaurants closed for a time and stalled, Roland was inspired to see others stuck at home also asking “What am I making today?” Even though she makes her living with diners, she was glad to see the revival of home cooking.

She believes restaurants will come back but with a better quality of life for those who run and work in them. 

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