The Top 5 Plant-Based Food Trends that Will Be Trending in 2023

The Top 5 Plant-Based Food Trends that Will Be Trending in 2023

A plant-based diet has become more and more popular over the last decade. The reason is not only because of the numerous health benefits it can provide. This diet is also beneficial for animals and the environment. As such, it is not surprising that plant-based food trends are popular today and that they will continue to be in the coming years. So, here are the top five plant-based food trends that will be trending in 2023.

1. Clean Label

As you know, more and more consumers are checking product labels. One reason is that they want to know the ingredients and substances that are going inside their bodies. For this reason, consumers prefer food products with clear labels. Aside from that, the labels could also help them determine if the product is eco-friendly. These are some reasons the clean label trend is expected to become popular in the future. After all, many people are now becoming conscious of their health and surrounding.

2. Upcycled Food Products

As you know, food waste is a global problem. The good news is that more and more plant-based food companies are helping to solve this environmental issue. In fact, one of the top five plant-based food trends that will be trending in 2023 is the availability of upcycled food products.

Today, some food manufacturers are offering upcycled food products. However, experts believe that more and more companies will sell this kind of plant-based foods as innovative technologies become available.

Remember, upcycling is the process of using ingredients that are considered waste. An example of an upcycled plant-based food product is the pulp chips produced by Pulp Pantry. As you know, the juicing process leaves behind a fibrous pulp. Instead of throwing away these leftover materials, the Pulp Pantry collects these ingredients from various juice companies. From there, they will make pulp chips out of this fibrous ingredient.

3. Cell-Based Technologies

Another plant-based food trend that will be trending next year is cell-based technologies. In fact, many consumers believe this trend will be the future of the plant-based food industry.

Today, several companies have already started selling plant-based meat and seafood products. For example, mushroom-based seafood is now available to make sushi.

Because of the benefits of cell-based technologies for consumers and the environment, experts believe that many more companies will be interested in this technology to produce more plant-based food products.

4. Health to the Planet

Recently, the trend “health to the planet” has become popular. After all, the food industry has contributed to the destruction of the planet. Remember, manufacturing food products can lead to pollution and other environment problems.

The good news is that producing plant-based products is more sustainable or environmentally friendly compared to animal-based food products. For this reason, many companies are trying to develop strategies to help save the planet and build trust in their consumers. As a result, experts believe that more and more plant-based food products will be created starting in 2023.

5. Nutrition

The last in this list of top five plant-based food trends that will be trending in 2023 is the focus on nutrition. As you know, nutrition has become a top priority for plant-based food manufacturers. Fortunately, science and other technological advancements have helped food manufacturers to provide their consumers with nutrient-packed food products. As such, experts believe this trend will continue in the future as more companies are trying to find ways to deliver nutritious plant-based food products.

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