The Worst Appetizer You Should NEVER Order At A Restaurant, Experts Say (It Has Over 1,000 Calories!)

There’s no harm in treating yourself to a nice dinner out every week or so, but ordering the wrong foods at a restaurant may seriously disrupt your health. When we cook at home, we can maintain full control of every ingredient that goes into our meals. But at a restaurant, it can be very easy to eat a lot of fattening foods without even realizing it.

And usually, the worst foods we can order tend to be appetizers. Most of us don’t see appetizers as having much potential to be unhealthy because they are usually small portions or shared with a table. But there is one appetizer that you should never order because it is truly one of the worst things you can eat: boneless wings.

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boneless wings worst unhealthy appetizer order restaurant

Even though chicken is high in protein and a relatively lean meat, boneless wings are incredibly bad for you. This is because they are fried and smothered with high-sugar sauces.

Eating fried or processed foods like boneless wings can contribute to obesity and other medical issues. Even though one plate of wings won’t cause too much harm, it is always wise to make healthy choices whenever possible.

boneless wings worst unhealthy appetizer order restaurant

“Boneless wings are high in calories, and while it isn’t healthy to obsess over calories, it is a good idea to have an idea of how many calories you are consuming and how many calories you are burning in your day to day activities,” Amy Tao, MS, of Based Wellness, told Eat This Not That.

boneless wings worst unhealthy appetizer order restaurant

Tao added, “According to a 2017 review about ultra-processed foods, 80% of studies found that those who had higher instances of consuming and purchasing ultra-processed foods had higher instances of being overweight or obese.

“In addition to obesity, these foods were linked to an increase for an adverse diagnosis for metabolic syndrome.”

boneless wings worst unhealthy appetizer order restaurant


Next time you’re trying to decide which appetizer to order, look for something that isn’t fried and doesn’t have too much sauce. You can also order a sauce on the side to make sure you don’t eat too much high-sugar toppings.

A safe go-to is to simply start with a salad. You may even find an option with grilled chicken, which can be a great alternative to wings.

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