Tim Steller’s opinion: Zip-tie incident at Vail school reveals nature of coffee shop activist | Subscriber

He starts by asserting “The 2020 election was demonstrably fraudulent; treasonous usurpers are now in office from the White House on down.”

From that faulty assumption, it goes on to say, “We are not declaring a rebellion, but rather that elected and appointed individuals are in treasonous sedition against the People’s Constitution—thereby nullifying the Social Contract with which We the People agreed to allow them to represent, not rule, us.”

Boiling that down, he’s arguing that the people in office now, from the White House to the school board, have no authority.

So no wonder he was one of the first people past the security checkpoint when a couple hundred anti-mask protesters showed up at the Vail School District board meeting on April 27, though none of his five children attend Vail schools.

The school board canceled the meeting when the crowd pushed past security. Afterward, the protesters assembled and chose from their own ranks a putative new school board.

“Meet the NEW Vail School District Board, elected by the PEOPLE!” one post by the Viva Coffee House said later. “What an amazing choice—these people CARE about YOU, not power, not politics…YOU! We don’t know if this will ultimately be legitimized, but we understand the sentiment.”

He and the protesters were in the vanguard of loosely coordinated disruptions of school board meetings around the country, some over pandemic measures, others over critical race theory.

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