Trending Today Features the Business and Future of Food on Fox Business

Trending Today Features the Business and Future of Food on Fox Business

Meet the “Avocado Queen,” Natalia Merienne, a female trailblazer in the produce industry. Natalia sources avocados directly from growers in Michoacán, Mexico, a region rich in volcanic soil that yields avocados packed with nutrients and known for their unrivaled taste and texture. Natalia’s avocados are in demand at grocery stores and appear on a major restaurant chain menu. “I travel to Mexico every month to check on my growers and handpick the quality avocados I need for my customers. I believe I have a social responsibility to my growers to support their livelihoods while respecting the land,” says Natalia Merienne, CEO of Anye Produce and “The Avocado Queen.” 

Also, learn why plants have all the protein you need for a healthy, fit lifestyle from Vegan Strong, an organization of athletes and bodybuilders dedicated to plant-based nutrition.  “Plant-based protein sources harness the power your body needs without all of the negative side-effects that accompany animal-based proteins like meat, dairy, and eggs,” says Robert Cheeke, Vegan Strong founder and best-selling author of The Plant-Based Athlete.

Discover how family-owned and operated company, Cretors invented the popcorn machine more than a century ago and has endured and innovated for five generations. Founder Charles Cretors patented the process and machine for popping popcorn in a seasoning mixture and founded the company in 1885. Today, Cretors is a concession industry leader providing premium equipment for venues ranging from cinemas to carnivals and sports arenas. “There are not many companies that have endured for five generations, but we are not stuck in our old ways. We continue to find new solutions to current day problems,” says Andrew Cretors, President of C. Cretors and Company.

The episode wraps up with a visual treat showcasing the creative ingenuity of pastry chef Timmy Norman, owner of Cakebuds Bakery, a small shop making a big name in national TV competitions including Winner Cake All, Holiday Wars, Food Network Challenge, and Big Time Bake.

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