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You followed a strict diet for a year before your wedding and you achieved your dream body weight. You were fitting well in all your outfits and the pictures came out just perfect. But now that you’re married, you are organising and going on lunches and dinners. And all your diets have gone in vain and you have started gaining that unwanted weight. You did not exactly plan for post-wedding. Now that you are stuck in lockdown, you have dodged the honeymoon cheat meals. Well, if you are experiencing this unwanted post-wedding weight gain, you are not alone, we have been through the same. We connected with a few experts to know how to avoid and get rid of the extra weight.

1. Balancing is the key

From school days, we have learned the importance of a balanced diet and no matter how old you grow it remains very important. As a nutritionist, Ritu Khaneja suggests, “If you do not want to gain extra weight, stick to a balanced diet. There will be days when you might have more carbs but you can get back on track with a balanced meal.”

2. Water can make everything right!

They say water can make everything right and they are not wrong. Ishi Khosla, clinical nutritionist entrepreneur says, “If you are eating too much junk, you can have a liquid diet to control the excessive gain. Junk food tends to make your body dehydrated and a liquid diet can help in retaining the right amount of body liquid.” Adding to this, Khaneja says, “It is very important that brides eat food with 50% liquid content and fibre. Fibre and liquid can help the body lose the unwanted weight gain.”

3. Stick to one cuisine

We know you love Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican food way too much but experts suggest sticking to one specific diet. Khaneja suggests, “It is wise if you take a portion from one single cuisine. This helps in controlling the calorie count. Every cuisine has its calories and mixing multiple cuisines can lead to excessive weight gain. If you are eating Indian, don’t mix it with Chinese.”

4. Good fat is good for you

It is good if you keep yourself away from bad fat but your body needs good fat, too. Khosla says, “Your body needs good fat like coconut oil, coconut milk, omega in your diet. You must always include in your diet to make sure you are not keeping your body deprived of good fat.” Khaneja says, “You must keep an eye on oil intake and good fat intake.”

5. Start your morning on a lighter note

This might sound contrary to the belief that a heavy breakfast can keep your day going. However, experts believe if you had a heavy dinner the previous night you must have stick to a lighter breakfast. This can help you in getting rid of gastric problems like inflammation or irritation in your body.

6. Say goodbye to binge eating

No matter how many movie nights you plan, don’t binge eat. “Food full of preservatives should be strictly avoided. Moreover, do not binge eat as it might lead to weight gain at a faster pace,” says Khaneja.

7. Sleep, sleep, sleep

Experts cannot emphasize more the importance of sleep. As Khaneja says, “During and post-wedding a bride goes through a gazillion phases and hormonal changes and their sleep schedule can get disturbed. The brides should sleep for seven to eight hours every day. People tend to forget that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain and it can simply be avoided by just sleeping right. Health is your priority and you must please your health.”

8. Exercise as much as you can

Your body needs your constant attention and it needs to exercise well. Your body will thank you if you give it proper rest and workout. As much as eating is important, the workout is equally important. Experts say, 30-45 minutes of workout sessions like yoga, running or gymming can help you lose weight quicker.

9. Protein is always important

As much as you are losing weight you must keep it toned with protein in your diet. As Khaneja suggests, “Keep a watch on your diet and protein-rich food is needed for a good toned body.”

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