What are the current pub food trends?

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Keep your menus ahead of the curve in 2023!

Holly Rogers, Insight Manager at Bidfood UK shares her top tips on implementing the hottest food and drink trends into your menus to hit the mark with your customers in the year ahead.

  • Flavours less travelled:​ You don’t need to change up your whole menu to incorporate more adventurous dishes from around the world – simply adding international flavours using different spice blends, pastes or rubs can satisfy diners’ taste for culinary exploration.
  • Conscious choices:​ Signpost sustainable choices and any locally-sourced ingredients on your menu- if you’re using them, make sure your customers know about it!
  • Plant power:​ Using veg as hero ingredients add lots of colour to dishes and protect your margins.
  • Calories:​ Offer a range of different calorie options on menus and customisable dishes to keep ensure your menu has broadest appeal.
  • Pizza evolution: ​growing in popularity, there’s more demand for innovative flavours and formats – offer rectangular pizzas, your own dips for crusts, fun and unusual flavours and of course, gluten-free and plant-based choices.
  • In the spirit: ​signature serves are a great way to offer your customers something special and encourage spend– try seasonal or novel flavours and ingredients, go for trending spirits like rum or tequila, and come up with some great creative names to make them uniquely yours!
  • Retro Love:
    • Comfort food and retro classics will go down well with consumers in 2023 amidst all the economic uncertainty- lower-cost options like casseroles, pies and bakes all lend themselves well to this trend.
    • Vintage-themed dessert stations or mobile trolleys can also help draw attention and create some theatre – your desserts will sell themselves!
    • A retro dessert platter or trolley makes an excellent end to a wedding breakfast or birthday celebration.

Check out Holly’s video showcasing some of the new trends on the high street:

For Bidfood’s interactive Food & Drinks Trends 2023 guide, as well as insight and inspiring recipe ideas head to: www.bidfood.co.uk/2023-food-and-drink-trends​.

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