What Makes It A Nutritious One-Pot Meal

What Makes It A Nutritious One-Pot Meal

Ask any fitness freak and they’d tell you that they prefer something light and easy for dinner. This is because dinner is the last meal of the day and digesting a heavy meal in the night can be a tough task. In such cases, one needs something healthy, light and nutritious and that’s where soup comes into the picture. However, not just any soup, but a healthy bowl of ragi soup is what makes for a perfect dinner.

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Ragi is a healthy grain that is also considered to be a super food. Also known as finger millet, ragi is loaded with protein and fibre and works well for digestion. Not just this, ragi is also a great gluten-free option that comes packed with antioxidants. Good for diabetes and a great substitute for rice, ragi can be added to khichdis and pulaos too.

If you thought that was all, the ragi soup is what you haven’t tried yet. Soup is a liquid concoction that dates back to 20,000 BC. Derived from the French word, ‘soupe’ in the 17th Century, soup is light, energising and healthy. It can be made with vegetables, meat and a variety of other ingredients including grains like ragi.

Ragi Soup

Ragi soup not only keeps your diabetes at bay but also prevents risk of anaemia, along with strengthening bones by providing calcium to the body. Along with the grains, you can also add assorted vegetables to the soup mixture to make it even more filling. In this soup, ragi flour acts as a thickening agent instead of cornflour and makes it a healthy dinner recipe.  


    Ragi flour 

    2 bell peppers

    Chopped carrots 

    Chopped onions 

    Chopped tomatoes 

    Soy sauce 



1.    To make ragi soup, begin by adding sautéing vegetables in a pan. 

2.    Mix chopped carrots, onions, tomatoes and bell peppers with butter and toss them all together. 

3.    Pour some soy sauce and sprinkle black pepper and salt. 

4.    Mix it well and then boil some water in another pan. 

5.    To this, add a mixture of ragi flour mixed in water. 

6.    Stir it continuously and add the sautéed vegetables to this. 

7.    Once it attains a desired consistency, take it out in a bowl and serve hot. 

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