Which meal should be the heaviest

Which meal should be the heaviest

New Delhi: off course our body needs energy and for that we need food. Diet plays important role in our life but more than it is important to know the time and quantity in which it is to be consumed.

Some people suggest that your breakfast should be the heaviest while others recommend that the lunch should be the heaviest, different people have different say and today we will clear all the misconceptions related to it.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Researchers found out that those who eat half of their daily calories at lunch and the rest of 20 per cent at dinner tend to lose 15-20 per cent from their diet.

This not only helps to lose weight but also includes some other benefits which include:


1. Better Energy Levels: At night your body just needs rest and naturally if you are consuming heavy meals it will be difficult to digest as well as you will waste that energy. However eating heavy lunch can boost your energy level and help you remain active

2. Varnishes cravings: Are you someone who starts looking for something after having meals then surely you should keep your stomach full. Having heavy meal will stop your craving 

3. Speeds up the metabolism: Having a heavy meal can result in good metabolism on the other hand if you are taking a heavy dinner then you will end up sleeping for long hours or consuming extra calories which will store fat inside your body.

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