Wine suggestions to serve on Thanksgiving from appetizers to dessert

This upcoming Thursday is Thanksgiving, the beginning of the holiday season, although we just did celebrate Veterans Day, those that served to protect our freedoms and our holidays! As I have written in the past, this feast, for the most part, turkey and a whole lot of other stuff and stuffing pose challenges to pairing wines with the meal as there truly is a cornucopia of flavors, all to be enjoyed. To me, the feast is in three parts: appetizers, main meal and dessert. Each segment presents its own set of issues, but where there is a will there is a way!

White wines for Thanksgiving

I want to focus on appetizers and desserts but I will offer a few choices for the inevitable feast before I get to them. Simply stated, there are a few reds and whites to pair up with the main course. Of course, chardonnay will likely be on the table as it is one of the most popular white wines consumed in America. I do think that the oaky styles would be too much but rather seek an unoaked or lightly oaked version of this wine, think Chablis. A dry riesling with its’ acidity is another fit, think Alsatian or Washington State for a choice. Another go-to white is gewürztraminer with its abundant aromas of brown spices and fruits go so well with the meal. Again, think Alsace!

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